12 Beautifull Trailing Houseplants To Grow Indoors

If you want to decorate your window sill, ceiling, balcony, or patio, you are in the right place. Here are the 12 Beautifull Trailing Houseplants To Grow Indoors that look great in a hanging basket to add natural beauty to any space. Or, you also can allow them to trail down from a shelf or display them in an on-trend hanging planter. No matter what your favorite idea is, they promise to enhance your living space.

12 Trailing Houseplants For Statement Foliage

They are the best hanging houseplants to create veils of lush leaves and colorful flowers without taking up valuable floor space in your home. Not just that they are easy to grow and take care of. Whether you don’t have time or are not good at planting, they can still exist and grow well as they can. Growing them, means you are creating your life more exciting with the natural world around you. It’s time to choose the best ones for your interior and give your houseplant displays a new dimension.

#1 Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus produces trailing wavy-edged leaves looking like a fishbone, so the zigzag plant is its other name. It displays scented white flowers in fall, then edible green fruits appear and have tasted a bit like gooseberries.

#2 Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy showcases dangling stems of large heart-shaped leaves that have gold-splashed green leaves or white and green marbled foliage, depending on the type.

#3 Spider Plant

Spider Plant shows off green and white striped leaves and baby plantlets dancing on slender, arching stems that make it is a great addition to any space indoors.

#4 Donkey’s Tail

Donkey’s Tail features chunky, textured stems comprising small, grey-green overlapping leaves. Its small pink flowers also appear at the tips of the stems in summer.

#5 Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Plant bears bright red tubular flowers that emerge from darker cases like little lipsticks, so hence the name. Its blooming time is during the summer and fall.

#6 Mistletoe Cactus

Mistletoe Cactus features a mass of thin sprawling leafless stems that can reach up to 3ft (90cm) in length making it look great when hanging in baskets.

#7 Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus produces trailing stems and is divided into oval segments. It displays jewel-like winter flowers that come in red, pink, purple or orange, and look like Christmas lights dangling from the stem tips.

#8 Hearts On A String

Hearts On A String forms long, thread-like stems dotted with tiny green and cream heart-shaped leaves, purple beneath. This pretty plant just needs minimal take care, little water, and almost no irrigation over winter.

#9 String-of-beads

String-of-beads produce little round leaves of this unusual plant that look like green peas threaded on strings and create a fascinating focal point when displayed in a hanging pot or basket. In spring, its small white tubular flowers may appear.

#10 Rose Grape

Rose Grape puts off intricate pink and violet pendant blooms that appear on arching stems from late spring to summer that make a colorful to any room in the home.

#11 Grape Ivy

Grape Ivy bears long stems of glossy lobed green foliage with a jungly look that make it is a perfect plant for a bright room. Its leaves will either cascade down from a hanging basket or twine around horizontal wires to cover a wall. When young, its leaves have a silvery sheen creating a two-tone effect as they emerge on the stems.

#12 Silver-inch Plant

Silver-inch Plant displays stems and green striped leaves that have purple creating a dazzling curtain of color as they cascade from a hanging pot or basket.

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