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13 Exciting And Unusual Dwarf Trees Like Houseplants To Grow In Your Home

Not everyone loves big plants indoors, growing them will take more space, especially in small rooms. Instead of growing trees with big shapes, there are other options with these dwarf tree-like houseplants today. They not only suit your limited space but also give your house a magnificent look. Check them out to find some you love.

They have compact forms that adapt to different places in your homes such as tabletops, windowsills, kitchen countertops, or corners. Giving them a look, you will see that each has its own beauty to give you more feelings about the plant world in your living space. Also, like other houseplants, when they are also easy to grow and can adapt to different conditions indoors. Keep reading to explore them!

Ladyfingers can achieve 2-3 feet tall indoors. It has cylindrical leaves like fingers with red tips.

#2 Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig

Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig could bring a tropical feel indoors with huge fiddle-shaped leaves.

#3 Dwarf Jade Plant

Dwarf Jade Plant has smaller foliage and compact growth.

#4 Golden Gate Peperomia

Golden Gate Peperomia displays variegated leaves in a dense, bushy tree-like appearance. It can reach 7-8 inches tall indoors.

#5 Shield Aralia

Shield Aralia is an appealing shrub that has tree-like and can grow up to 3-5 feet tall. It has round deep green leaves with a purple bottom.

#6 Tylecodon hallii ‘Toelken’

Tylecodon hallii ‘Toelken’ is a dwarf shrub that has a thick stem and branches that create a rounded crown.

#7 Crosby’s Red

Crosby’s Red has slightly similar to the regular jade, but it is more small and compact. Place it under sun for splendid hue to red on fleshy green leaves.

#8 Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Dwarf Umbrella Tree features small, ovate, deep green leaves and can grow up to 3-4 feet tall.

#9 Euphorbia Decaryi

Euphorbia Decaryi is easy to grow on a tabletop or windowsill.

#10 Chinese Banyan

Chinese Banyan is a dwarf tree and offers dark-green leaves and a fat ginger-like trunk with aerial roots.

#11 Money Tree

Money Tree has a braided trunk and lush green leaves is grown as a bonsai tree, it can grow up a height up to 1-3 feet.

#12 Desert Rose

Desert Rose is a flowering succulent that has a bulbous base. It does well on a sunny window for producing large, tubular flowers.

#13 Little Jade Tree

Little Jade Tree is a compact and small variety. It can reach to 12-16 inches tall. It produces oval-shaped green fleshy leaves adorned in red edges.