16 DIY Teapot Ideas For Garden

After a long time using teapots, they will be cracked a little their life span. which means they come to an end, or sometimes you like some new tea set in the market, the same problem takes place then that what to do with the old ones. You are lucky, the 16 DIY Teapot Ideas For Garden to help you create great garden features and planters. They are a very delightful and practical solution to recycle. So, do not throw away the old teapots, because you can transform them into beautiful pots for your garden.

You can bring many artistic attributes to your garden by building a bird feeder, plant pots, herb holders, and planters. Or, a wind chime with a teapot and a hanging garden will look great in your outdoor space. So if you have some expired or retired teapots you know what to do with them. The ideas are great and will definitely leave you speechless. Save them and take some a try!

#1 Teapot Succulent Planter

#2 Teapot Bird House

#3 DIY Spilling Teapot Lights

#4 Teapot Garden Feature

#5 Teapot Bird Feeder

#6 Vintage Teapot Planter

#7 Teapot Bird Bath

#8 Teapot Vertical Garden

#9 Teapot Fountain

#10 Teapot Indoor Herb Planters

#11 Teapot Wind Chime

#12 Teapot Pouring Gems

#13 Tea Pot Garden Art

#14 DIY Tea Pot Fairy Garden

#15 DIY Teapot Garden Feature

#16 Cactus Teapot Planter