16 Houseplants That Have Unique Coin-Shaped Leaves

You love growing houseplants that have distinct shapes, you are reading the right article. Today, we will share 16 Houseplants That Have Unique Coin-Shaped Leaves that you will fall in love with their unique beauty. Spend your time checking them out with us to find what types suit your favorite. Here we go!

Like other indoor plants, they are so easy to grow with just a little care. Whether you are a beginner or don’t have any experience of gardening, you also grow them successfully. Growing them means you have a chance to bring natural green space in right your home. Even more, these beautiful houseplants with coin-shaped leaves not only look stunning but also help you attract good luck and money to the home. It’s time to grow some to enjoy their beauty as well as change your fortune!

#1 String of Nickles (Dischidia Nummularia)

#2 Brevialata (Hoya Brevialata)

#3 Yellow Rainbow Bush (Portulacaria afra ‘Aurea’)

#4 String of Turtles (Peperomia Prostrata)

#5 Silver Dollar Plant (Crassula Arborescens)

#6 Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia Nummularia)

#7 Round Leaf Peperomia (Peperomia Rotundifolia)

#8 Jade Plant ( Crassula Ovata)

#9 Alice Herbert ( Crassula ‘Alice Herbert’)

#10 String of Coins ( Xerosicyos Danguyi)

#11 Stephania Pierrei (Stephania Pierrei)

#12 Silver Leaf Artillery Plant ( Pilea Glaucophylla)

#13 Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomoides)

#14 Pennywort ( Hydrocotyle Vulgaris)

#15 Trailing Elephant Bush (Portulacaria afra ‘Cascade’)

#16 Compton (Kalanchoe alticola ‘Compton’)

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