18 Creative DIY Kid-Friendly Garden Projects

Gardening isn’t just about the hard work, it can be fun for most, and especially kids. Gardening can be a fantastic family affair, so if you have kids, why not get them involved early to get them away from the screen and out enjoying the fresh air? In the post today, we’ve summed up the 18 Creative DIY Kid-Friendly Garden Projects to add sunshine and playfulness that your kids will definitely love to help. All of them are super fun and many of them are so easy that your toddlers can do them on their own.

18 Creative DIY Kid-Friendly Garden Projects

Regardless of  your kids love gardening or not, this is the perfect collection of DIY garden ideas, you can teach them with these craft projects. Either way, they are going to have a blast outdoors making all sorts of fun gardening projects. Not just that, these ideas will help your kids will be more active, and promote discovery and exploration. So just keep scrolling for all the child-friendly garden inspiration you need to get your whole family enjoying your outdoor space. Save them and try some!

#1 Lovely Stone Plant Markers

These lovely stone plant markers are charming and practical garden accessories designed to help you identify and label your plants with style. They are crafted from natural stone and often feature elegant engravings or paint designs that add a decorative touch to your garden.

They serve as both a functional tool for organizing your plants and a delightful decorative element that complements the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

#2 Tin Can Honey Bee

This creative and environmentally friendly DIY project allows individuals to craft their own decorative garden ornaments. They are typically made from upcycled tin cans and other recycled materials. By repurposing everyday items, the tin can honey bee will add a touch of artistic flair to your garden.

Source: Thinkcrafts

These DIY creations have become a popular choice for eco-conscious garden enthusiasts, offering a fun and sustainable way to beautify outdoor spaces.

#3 Colorful Pencil Gate

The gate is a whimsical and imaginative entryway design that brings a touch of playfulness to any space. Resembling oversized, brightly colored pencils, these gates offer a unique and creative way to mark entrances in gardens.

Source: Beafunmum

They serve as both functional gates and decorative elements, adding a dash of vibrancy and a childlike sense of wonder to the surroundings. The colorful pencil-shaped gate is particularly popular in areas where creativity and a sense of fun are encouraged, making it a delightful addition to any place seeking a charming and distinctive entrance feature.

#4 Boost Planters

The small flower planters made from old boots are a charming and eco-friendly way to upcycle old footwear into decorative garden containers. These unique planters transform worn-out or discarded boots into whimsical and rustic homes for small flowers, herbs, or succulents.

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Source: Emmaowl

They add a touch of nostalgia and creativity to your garden or outdoor space, making them a perfect choice for those who appreciate recycling and adding a quirky, vintage vibe to their surroundings. These planters made from old boots not only breathe new life into old shoes but also serve as a playful addition to your garden decor.

#5 Beautiful Flowers From Bottle Lids

These stunning flowers are a creative and eco-friendly craft project that repurposes plastic bottle lids into vibrant and eye-catching artificial flowers. These upcycled blooms are not only visually stunning but also a sustainable alternative to real flowers, reducing plastic waste and promoting environmental consciousness.

Source: Deavita

You can transform discarded bottle caps into colorful and durable floral arrangements, which can be used for various decorative purposes, from home decor to art installations. These DIY flowers showcase the beauty of recycling and the boundless possibilities of turning everyday waste into unique and attractive works of art.

#6 Ladybug Painted Rocks

These ladybugs made from painted rocks are a delightful and popular form of rock art, where ordinary stones are transformed into charming ladybug designs through creative painting. These hand-painted rocks typically feature the iconic red body with black spots, often paired with cute facial expressions, making them a favorite among garden and outdoor enthusiasts.

Source: Etsy

Ladybug-painted rocks serve as whimsical garden decorations. They are a fun and simple DIY project that allows both children and adults to express their creativity and add a touch of nature-inspired whimsy to their surroundings. These miniature, artful ladybugs are a perfect way to bring a bit of the garden’s magic to your home or garden.

#7 Button Wind Chime

The creative wind chime is a delightful and crafty piece of outdoor decor that combines colorful buttons with the gentle music of the wind. It is created by stringing an assortment of buttons onto lines or strings, allowing them to sway and produce soothing, tinkling sounds when the breeze passes through.

Source: Craftsbyamanda

It is a creative and eco-friendly way to upcycle spare or vintage buttons into charming ornaments that add a touch of whimsy and color to gardens, patios, or outdoor spaces. It provides both visual appeal and a calming acoustic experience, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate DIY projects and the serene melodies of the wind.

#8 DIY Tin Can Flower Bird Feeder

These cute bird feeders are a fun and eco-friendly project that combines recycling with the joy of birdwatching. This creative project uses upcycling old tin cans into decorative bird feeders shaped like flowers.

Source: Birdsandblooms

By adding perches and filling the center with birdseed, you create a charming and functional bird feeder that not only provides nourishment for local avian visitors but also adds a colorful and whimsical touch to your outdoor space.

#9 Wind Chime From Clay Pot And Bottle Lids

This creative and eco-friendly project transforms everyday items into a delightful outdoor ornament. This DIY wind chime involves repurposing clay pots and plastic bottle lids into a charming, melodic decoration.

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Source: Happystronghome

By hanging these pieces together and allowing them to tinkle in the breeze, you create a unique chime that not only adds a touch of artistry to your outdoor space but also produces soothing sounds.

#10 A Unique Garden Stepping Stone

These artistic gardening stones are a distinctive and decorative addition to your outdoor space. They are designed to not only serve as functional paths through your garden but also as captivating pieces of art. Each stepping stone often features intricate vibrant colors to attract all eyes.

Source: Something2offer

They not only add a pop of creativity and charm to your garden but also provide stability and guidance for navigating your outdoor landscape. A Colorful and Unique Garden Stepping Stone is an excellent choice offering an inviting and visually appealing pathway.

#11 Fairy Door Fairy Garden Door

The fairy door is a whimsical and enchanting miniature accessory designed to bring a touch of magic to your garden or outdoor space. These tiny doors are typically crafted with intricate detailing, often resembling the entrance to a whimsical fairy abode.

Source: Etsy

Placed against a tree trunk, or garden wall, or nestled within plants, these doors create a charming point of entry for the imaginary world of fairies. They are a delightful addition to fairy gardens, encouraging imaginative play and infusing a sense of wonder into your outdoor environment. A Fairy Door serves as an invitation to the realm of fantasy, where the enchanting and the natural world coexist in harmony.

#12 Bugs Visit Flower Garden

The pretty bugs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space with vibrant blooms but also promote biodiversity and contribute to the well-being of local ecosystems.

Source: Gardenloversclub

It offers a captivating opportunity to observe the fascinating world of insects up close and is a valuable endeavor for those who appreciate the natural beauty and importance of these tiny garden visitors.

#13 Eggshell Planters

These mini planters are a creative and eco-friendly way to grow small plants or herbs. These charming planters are made from empty eggshells, which are filled with soil and seeds to create tiny green gardens.

Source: Pequeocio

They are not only an excellent example of upcycling, and reducing waste, but they also add a touch of whimsy to your gardening endeavors. They are perfect for seedlings or small herbs, making them a fun and practical DIY project for gardening enthusiasts of all ages. These unique planters bring new life to kitchen scraps and are a lovely, sustainable addition to your indoor or outdoor garden.

#14 A Hideout Under The Shade Of Sweetest Peas

This hideout gives a tranquil and enchanting space within a garden or outdoor area. It invokes the idea of a secluded retreat under the lush and fragrant canopy of sweet pea plants. These climbing flowers not only provide a charming and visually appealing shade but also create a serene and fragrant environment.

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Source: Littlebeanfarms

The relaxed space brings an idyllic spot where one can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, immerse oneself in the beauty of nature, and experience a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation in the embrace of the sweetest peas.

#15 DIY Lady Bug Hotel

The DIY ladybug hotel that combines a Succulent Planter is a creative and environmentally friendly project that blends art and nature in your garden or outdoor space. This dual-purpose creation serves as a haven for ladybugs, which are beneficial garden insects that help control pests, and as a planter for succulent plants.

Source: Hgvt

These charming and practical structures are designed to attract and shelter ladybugs while also providing a home for drought-resistant succulents, adding both beauty and pest control to your garden. DIY Ladybug Hotels with Succulent Planters are an excellent way to promote biodiversity, enhance your garden’s aesthetics, and create a harmonious, eco-friendly environment in your outdoor oasis.

#16 Kitty Planters From Plastic Bottles

The kitty planters are an adorable and eco-conscious DIY project that upcycles plastic bottles into charming cat-shaped planters. These creative planters combine recycling with the joy of gardening by providing a unique home for your favorite plants or succulents.

Source: Recyclart

With the bottle’s neck as the cat’s head, and the body as a planting container, these kitty planters add a touch of whimsy to your garden or indoor decor. They are not only a fun and sustainable way to repurpose plastic waste but also a delightful way to showcase your green thumb in a playful and imaginative manner.

#17 Super Cute Homemade Bird Feeders

The super cute homemade bird feeders are charming and creative DIY projects designed to provide nourishment for our feathered friends while adding an element of cuteness to your outdoor space. These homemade bird feeders come in a wide range of whimsical and artistic designs, often using common household items like teacups, mason jars, or pinecones as the base.

Source: Dontpayfull

They are not only functional but also visually appealing, making them a delightful addition to any garden or backyard. Super Cute Homemade Bird Feeders are perfect for those who want to engage in a fun crafting activity, attract and observe local birds, and infuse a sense of charm and whimsy into their outdoor environment.

#18 Rain Barrel

This practical and artistic solution for harvesting rainwater while adding a vibrant touch to your garden or outdoor space. These rain barrels are typically adorned with eye-catching hand-painted designs, turning a functional water-saving tool into a decorative element.

Source: Gardenloversclub

Collecting rainwater, helps conserve water resources and reduce your water bill, while the colorful artwork enhances the aesthetics of your garden.

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