19 Creative DIY Unused Mailbox Ideas

Are you wondering what to do with an old mailbox? Its’ time to upgrade it with a range of the creative ideas below. From making a cute and functional DIY garden tool storage to holding your mini shovels, garden gloves, and shears. These are perfect ways to reuse it instead of letting it take up space in junkyards, landfills, and garages everywhere.

Old mailboxes are great indoor and outdoor projects for you to tackle in your free time. They are easy to craft, and allow you to recycle and reuse old, discarded mailboxes in the corner. Not only do they provide storage for your garden tools, but old mailboxes are super cute with the floral design on the outside and a bright, colorful inside or classic projects for a timeless look. Time to greet your mail in a whole new fashion and make your spaces will be styling.

#1 Bird House

#2 Garden Tool Storage Idea

#3 DIY Flower Planters

Source: Hometalk

#4 Bike Mailbox Project

Source: David Santos

#5 DIY Rustic Christmas Decor

Source: Patti Woodfield-Carlson

#6 A Toilet Paper Holder

Source: Ths.gardenweb

#7 A Garden Focal Point for Frond Yard

Source: Brenda Coon Flynn

#8 DIY Wedding Mailbox

Source: Hallmarkchannel

#9 A Mosaic Mailbox for a Garden Art

Source: Littlethings

#10 A House Number Idea

Source: Pinterest

#11 Spring Decor Idea

Source: Linzy

#12 Succulent Plant Idea

Source: Kerikay

#13 Christmas Lights

Source: 1000bulbs

#14 Old Mailbox Table Centerpiece

Source: Hometalk

#15 Mailbox Vase

Source: Ideadesigncasa

#16 Farmhouse Christmas Craft

Source: Bhg

#17 Old Mailbox With Burlap Cover

Source: Leslie Warden Carr

#18 Funny Camping Idea

Source: Glampinlife

#19 An Old Rusty Mailbox Makes A Great Bird Feeder

Source: Donna Jones