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19 Plants That Can Grow Well In Indoor Water Garden

In addition to growing houseplants in the living space, many people also prefer to add a water feature such as a mini pond, a mini water fountain. However, just a water feature, isn’t enough to add the beauty of nature to your home. Water plants are great additions, they not only make a pond or water fountain all the more interesting but also improve the quality of the air. That is the reason why in this post today, we want to share 19 Plants That Can Grow Well In Indoor Water Garden. They are easy to maintain, demand less attention, and are the best options for small spaces.

With a lot of options available here that can fit almost any style, especially small spaces like a tabletop or desk. No matter how you put them, they will make your space nicer. Aside from adding beauty, some of the water plants are also great if you have an aquarium filled with fish and other underwater aquarium greens. They can filter out waste from fishes, replicate natural habitats, and help aerate the aquarium. So, if you are owning an aquarium, these plants are a great choice to add. Read on to gain some knowledge about them!

#1 Hyacinth

Hyacinth displays colorful blooms to liven up any space in your home. If you want to grow this flower indoors, give it narrow neck glass vases and keep them in a cool area with bright indirect light.

#2 Spider Plant

Spider Plant is easy to grow. Planting it in bright light and ensuring the leaves do not touch the water.

#3 Miniature Yellow Waterlily

Miniature Yellow Waterlily features upward-curving yellow petaled, cup-shaped blooms and round green foliage. Grow it plant in full sun to partial shade.

#4 Coleus

Coleus has colorful, serrated foliage that will look great in jars and vases. You can grow the plant in indirect light on a tabletop.

#5 English Ivy

English Ivy looks terrific in vases or glass jars in the water garden. For the best display, you should grow it on the coffee table.

#6 Umbrella Grass

Umbrella Grass is an easy-to-grow aquatic plant. Give it at a location that gets plenty of bright indirect light.

#7 Peace Lily

This elegant flower type can be grown in the water alone. When you grow it indoors, ensure to change the water once every 4-6 days and give the plant plenty of indirect light.

#8 Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew is the beautiful blend of purple and green of the inch plant to add charm to indoor water gardens.

#9 Paperwhite

To grow Paperwhite, fill water up to the base of the bulbs, place in a bright spot, and they will flower in 4-5 weeks.

#10 Mosaic Plant

Mosaic Plant displays a circular rosette of diamond-shaped leaves coiled outward upon the water’s surface in a mosaic form.

#11 Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet Potato Vine can grow well in your indoor water garden. Keep the jar in a sunny area and change the water every 4-6 days.

#12 Caladium

Growing Caladium in narrow, tall, fancy vases or glass jars will give a beautiful look. You can keep them near a window or on tabletops for a colorful display.

#13 Perry’s Baby Red

Perry’s Baby Red produces scented red-double bloom with ornamental pads. It does well in full sun.

#14 Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant showcases lovely round leaves that look cute in vases. Place the plant where it receives plenty of bright indirect light.

#15 Water Lettuce

Water Lettuce floats on the surface of the water. For the best display, use water-soluble fertilizer and grow it near a sunny window.

#16 Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a low-maintenance, hydroponic plant that can be grown well both in the water and soil.

#17 Pothos

Pothos look adorable in glass jars and are also quite easy to maintain that making it is an excellent choice for indoor water gardens.

#18 Snake Plant

Snake Plant has sword-like foliage to add to the water gardens. You can grow it indoors in water glass jars.

#19 Water Wisteria

Water Wisteria is an easy aquatic plant. It mainly grows in shallow water and can do well in high and low light conditions. Give it 2-3 hours of sun for optimum growth.