20 Cool Projects That You Can Make From Old Tree Stumps

Instead of removing your old stumps, there are lots of projects that you can do with them, so put them to work for you! Thanks to their natural texture, old tree stumps are great materials to reuse for free and useful. So, if you have one or some old tree stumps, it’s time to try making the 20 Cool Projects That You Can Make From Old Tree Stumps.

20 Cool Projects That You Can Make From Old Tree Stumps

Many gardeners consider old tree stumps that are the stubborn leftovers of a yard renovation, making them get a bad rap for being difficult to remove and even becoming an eyesore. But, lots of house owners who are broken their hearts when their beloved tree became sick and died, and they want to keep the good memories by repurposing the leftover tree stump. Whatever the reason, there’s sure to be something on this list that sparks creativity in you. You can create visual interest and uniqueness in your outdoor spaces by re-purposing old stumps.

#1 Turned Our Tree Stump Into A Gnome Home

This delightful and creative DIY project transforms a tree stump into a charming gnome residence. This whimsical and eco-friendly endeavor allows you to infuse a touch of magic into your garden or outdoor space by crafting a miniature home for these mythical creatures.

Source: Carol Schumacher

Repurposing a tree stump and adding imaginative elements like miniature doors, windows, and tiny decorations, you can create an enchanting world for gnomes and fairies, turning your outdoor area into a place of wonder and fantasy. This project not only adds character to your garden but also encourages an appreciation for nature and imaginative play.

#2 Wooden Model  Of a Train For Kids

The wooden model of a train is a timeless and captivating piece of craftsmanship that captures the essence of locomotives in a miniature form. Wooden train models are a perfect blend of artistry and engineering, meticulously carved and assembled to replicate the charm of real-life trains.

These handcrafted treasures serve as both decorative items and showcase the beauty of woodworking and precision craftsmanship. Whether displayed on a shelf or cherished as a collector’s item, a wooden model of a train is a charming and evocative piece of art for enthusiasts of all ages.

#3 Cuttest Plant Stand

This plant stand is a rustic and eco-friendly way to showcase your greenery and add a touch of natural beauty to your living space or garden. By repurposing a tree stump, you can create a unique and aesthetically pleasing platform for potted plants or flowers.

These stands often feature a natural, organic design, and their earthy charm can complement a variety of decor styles, from rustic to bohemian.

#4 A Wooden Man

This delightful and characterful sculpture is crafted from the natural shape of a tree stump, these wooden figures can take on a variety of forms, from whimsical characters to more abstract and artistic expressions.

This unique and eco-friendly artistry allows artisans to bring out the hidden potential of the wood, giving it a new life as a playful or thought-provoking creation. Wooden men made from tree stumps make for intriguing decor items that celebrate the beauty of nature, showcasing the versatility of wood as a medium for creative expression.

#5 Ornamental Animals

The ornamental animals are captivating and imaginative sculptures that turn a natural tree stump into whimsical or lifelike representations of various creatures. Crafted by skilled artisans or DIY enthusiasts, these wooden creations bring the beauty of nature and art together.

Whether carved into adorable forest animals, mythical beasts, or lifelike pets, these ornamental animals serve as unique and eye-catching additions to gardens, parks, or home decor.

#6 A Front Bench

This rustic and environmentally conscious seating option blends natural beauty with functional design. Made from repurposing a tree stump, this bench offers a unique and charming place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Its organic form, often featuring the original contours of the stump, adds a touch of authenticity to gardens, parks, or front yards. These benches are not only a comfortable place to relax but also serve as decorative elements, showcasing the art of upcycling and highlighting the beauty of nature in outdoor settings.

#7 Hardy-Working Ducks

This playful and creative artistic project transforms ordinary tree stumps into whimsical wooden duck sculptures. These charming creations showcase the fusion of art and nature, as they are carved to resemble ducks with personality, character, and a rustic aesthetic.

These ornamental ducks serve as captivating outdoor or garden decor, adding a touch of whimsy to their surroundings. They are often designed to withstand various weather conditions and are a testament to the ingenuity of repurposing wood into delightful, durable, and eye-catching art pieces.

#8 Chalk Street Art

This easy project is a unique and temporary form of artistic expression that transforms an often-overlooked natural element into a canvas for creativity. Using chalk to draw colorful and intricate designs, patterns, or scenes directly onto the surface of a tree stump.

This art form offers a captivating blend of urban street art and the natural world, bringing an unexpected burst of color and imagination to outdoor spaces. Chalk street art on tree stumps is a dynamic and ever-changing medium, as the artwork can be easily modified or washed away by rain, making each creation a fleeting masterpiece that celebrates the fusion of art and nature in unexpected places.

#9 Wine Storage for Outdoor Party

This outdoor wine storage is a creative and rustic solution for keeping your favorite easily accessible while enjoying the great outdoors. By hollowing out a tree stump or using it as a natural wine cooler, you can blend functional design with the beauty of nature.

These unique wine storage solutions add an organic and charming element to your outdoor gatherings, keeping your drinks cool and stylishly displayed. They not only offer practical convenience but also showcase the versatility of repurposing wood for creative outdoor entertaining.

#10 Reindeer Wood Craft

This whimsical representation of a reindeer is crafted by skilled artisans or DIY enthusiasts. These wooden sculptures like this often feature intricate details, such as antlers, expressive faces, and charming accessories.

The reindeer serve as both decorative items and seasonal ornaments, adding a touch of rustic and festive charm to gardens, homes, or outdoor spaces.

#11 Wood Slice Snowman Christmas Decor

This festive holiday decoration repurposes wood slices from a tree stump into charming snowman figures. These creative and crafty ornaments typically feature stacked wood slices, each adorned with painted faces, buttons, scarves, and other seasonal accessories.

They are a whimsical addition to holiday decor, whether displayed indoors or outdoors. These wood-slice snowmen celebrate the beauty of natural materials, offering a rustic and heartwarming touch to your Christmas decorations, spreading cheer, and celebrating the spirit of the season with a cozy and handmade feel.

#12 Tree Stump Cabinet

Repurposing a tree stump into a functional and decorative piece of furniture is a clever and eco-friendly outdoor storage solution. These unique cabinets are crafted by hollowing out a tree stump and adding shelves or storage compartments, creating a blend of natural beauty and practical utility.

Whether used for storing gardening tools, outdoor accessories, or simply as an outdoor display space, these cabinets add a touch of rustic charm to your outdoor living area.

#13 DIY Raised Flower Bed

This attractive and functional planting space is hollowed out of the stump, filling it with soil, and then using it as a raised flower bed for growing a variety of plants, flowers, or herbs.

It adds a touch of natural beauty and rustic charm to your garden while repurposing a once-unusable element.

#14 Climbing Wall Play Set

The climbing wall play set made from a tree stump is a creative and adventurous addition to outdoor play areas. This unique playset takes a tree stump and transforms it into a challenging and fun climbing wall for children and outdoor enthusiasts.

Attaching climbing holds or grips to the stump’s surface, provides a safe and exciting way for kids to develop physical strength, balance, and problem-solving skills while enjoying the great outdoors.

#15 Mosaic Tree Stump Garden Art

This garden art is a captivating and artistic way to repurpose an old stump into a colorful and eye-catching garden feature. This creative project covers the surface of the stump with a mosaic of colorful tiles, glass, or other decorative materials, turning it into a unique piece of outdoor art.

Mosaic tree stump garden art not only adds a touch of vibrancy and personality to your outdoor space but also celebrates the fusion of nature and human creativity. It’s a wonderful way to breathe new life into an otherwise ordinary stump while showcasing the beauty of artistry and recycling in garden decor.

#16 Bird Bath

The bird bath made from a tree stump is a charming and natural addition to your garden or outdoor space, offering feathered friends a place to drink, bathe, and cool off. This creative and eco-friendly project is started by carving or hollowing out a tree stump to create a shallow basin where birds can gather and enjoy some much-needed refreshment.

Bird baths made from tree stumps not only serve a practical purpose in supporting local bird populations but also add rustic beauty and tranquility to your garden.

#17 Lighted Path

These outdoor impressive lights are a captivating and environmentally friendly way to illuminate outdoor walkways and garden paths. This innovative project involves embedding energy-efficient LED lights into hollowed-out tree stumps, creating a magical and whimsical effect after dark.

The soft, inviting glow not only adds safety and functionality to your outdoor space but also adds an enchanting and rustic ambiance.

#18 Stump Planters

This charming and eco-friendly gardening solution repurposes tree stumps into unique and rustic containers for growing plants, flowers, or herbs. These creative creations celebrate the natural beauty of wood while providing a distinctive and eye-catching way to showcase your greenery.

Stump planters are perfect for adding character to gardens, patios, or outdoor spaces, and they offer a sustainable way to recycle and beautify your landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice, these planters provide a delightful and decorative canvas for your favorite botanicals, merging the allure of nature with creative and functional design.

#19  A Big Mushroom

The huge mushroom is a whimsical and artistic transformation that turns a simple tree stump into a captivating, oversized mushroom sculpture. These imaginative creations often feature realistic details, including the mushroom cap and stem, and they add a touch of fantasy and enchantment to outdoor settings.

Whether displayed in gardens, parks, or as outdoor decor, these big mushroom sculptures celebrate the art of repurposing wood while infusing a sense of magic and wonder into the surroundings.

#20 A Succulent Planter

The succulent planter is a creative and eco-friendly way to showcase these low-maintenance plants while adding natural charm to your indoor or outdoor spaces. By hollowing out or carving a tree stump, you can create a unique and rustic planter for succulents.

These planters celebrate the beauty of wood while providing a distinctive canvas for your favorite succulent varieties. They add a touch of organic elegance to gardens, patios, or interior decor, and they offer a sustainable and imaginative approach to recycling and beautifying your surroundings.

#21 Tree Carving

The tree carving is a captivating and artistic endeavor that transforms the remains of a tree into intricate and often intricate sculptures.

This unique form of art not only celebrates the beauty of wood but also breathes new life into a once-dead tree. It offers a captivating blend of nature and creativity, turning ordinary stumps into works of art that can be showcased in gardens.

#22 DIY Birdfeeder

The DIY feeder provides a valuable food source for avian visitors while offering a rustic and natural touch to your outdoor space. They showcase the beauty of repurposing wood and celebrate the joy of birdwatching, making for a rewarding and eco-friendly addition to your garden or outdoor space.

It is created with creativity and care, this undertaking typically involves hollowing out the stump, adding perches and trays, and filling them with birdseed.

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