20 Gorgeous Houseplants That Grow In Water

Growing houseplant without using soil keeps both your hand and your house a clean look. In the post today, we will share 20 Gorgeous Houseplants That Grow In Water that you don’t have to worry about the mess of soil. What’s more, they are easy to care for and planted into glass jars, vases, fish bowls, or terrariums to place anywhere in your homes such as on tabletop, corner, windowsill.

They not only give you a clean look because they are grown in vases or containers but also offer beautiful green leaves with vivid color to stand out all your living space. Not just that, growing these water plants will bring some benefits like disease and pest-resistant. You just keep changing water them 2 times per week at least to maintain the right oxygen level as well as avoid the invasions of some bacteria. It’s time to try growing these water plants in your containers and vases and enjoy their natural beauty at right your home.

#1 Spider Plant

Spider Plant can be either grown permanently in a glass jar or changed the cuttings into a new pot once they root. You should keep changing water 2-3 times per week.

#2 Impatiens

Impatiens can grow in water for quite a long time before moving them in a pot. Once they form long roots, it’s time when they are ready to live in a new environment.

#3 Ornamental Sweet Potato

Ornamental Sweet Potato can thrive in water. Keep changing the water, and it’ll grow to give you a tropical touch in your living space.

#4 Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo can grow well in water. Place the roots are submerged in the water and add some gravel around them for firm placement.

#5 Coleus

Coleus has colorful and serrated leaves that make it become a most colorful addition to your home. Glasses and jars filled with water are perfect placement.

#6 Philodendron

Philodendron does well in a water environment. Place it in a clear glass jar and give it bright indirect light.

#7 Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant can be grown well in water from their cutting stems. The deep green leaves with red veins will be a great gift to brighten up your room.

#8 Dracaena

Dracaena can adapt to grow in water. Keep changing it 2-3 times a week.

#9 Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid is a beautiful houseplant that you can grow in water. Don’t forget to give it colorful pebbles in the bottom to support for roots.

#10 Pothos

Pothos can be grown in water, in a clear fishbowl, or vase to give a wonderful look to your living space.

#11 Mint

Growing mint in water will keep indoors clean and give you a regular supply for cooking. Also, if you want your room to have a natural scent, just crush a few leaves.

#12 Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant showcases beautiful round leaves that look stunning in a vase. Give it bright light for happy growth.

#13 Chinese Evergreen and Dumbcane

You can grow Chinese Evergreen and Dumbcane in water by propagating the cuttings in a transparent vase.

#14 Paperwhite

Paperwhite can be grown in water by its bulbs. Place them in a bright spot, and they’ll start blooming after 4-5 weeks.

#15 Herbs

Herbs are easy to grow in water indoors, and green onions, fennel, and celery are great best ones.

#16 Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew can be grown in water in terrariums to give you a warm purple color in the home.

#17 Monstera

Monstera puts out large and serrated foliage that looks stunning. Like other houseplants, it also can grow well in water.

#18 Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant is quite easy to grow in water indoors. Keep changing water 2 times a week.

#19 English Ivy

English Ivy can grow well in water. Growing new plants from its cutting stems in a glass vase and then placing them in a bright windowsill.

#20 Alocasia

Alocasia also does well in water environments with glass jars filled with clean water.

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