20 Succulent Types That Have Elegant White Appearance

You love elegance, you want to add something to your home with an instant appeal with a distinct look, the list of 20 White Succulent Types today is what are you looking for. When it comes to colors, each has its own beauty, and white too! White is often considered to be a symbol of peace and positivity, which are important characteristics of any garden.

20 Succulent Types That Have Elegant White Appearance

These succulents not only grow easily in any condition but also bring a calm appeal with a touch of class. In a sea of green plants, surely these white succulents can add just the right touch of brightness to your garden. Regardless of you would prefer a furry, alabaster cactus or a frosty Echeveria, you’ll find the perfect snow-white succulent below here. It’s time to spend your time opening their beauty with us.

#1 White Rose (Echeveria ‘White Rose’)

This succulent shows off a beautiful cup-shaped rosette of fleshy leaves in a silver-blue-green-white hue outlined in dark pink.

#2 White Beauty (Aloe ‘White Beauty’)

White Beauty has long and fleshy green leaves variegated with white splotches all over. It prefers to grow in a well-draining medium.

#3 Lola Echeveria (Echeveria ‘Lola’)

Lola Echeveria has leaves that are covered in a thick layer of farina, giving it a snowy white look.

#4 White Fox (Haworthia ‘White Fox’)

This succulent forms kneel-shaped leaves with translucent tips. The upper end of the foliage is heavily covered in silver-white hairs giving it a frosty look.

#5 Arizona Snowcap (Mammillaria gracilis ‘Arizona Snowcap’)

Arizona Snowcap is a petite cactus that grows up to 3-5 inches tall. The green stems are filled with a thick layer of white spines, which gives it a ‘white’ look.

#6 Buxbaum Cactus (Espostoopsis dybowskii)

Buxbaum Cactus is a columnar, ribbed plant with woolly white hairs covering the stem.

#7 Snowflake Cactus (Euphorbia polygona ‘Snowflake Cactus’)

Snowflake Cactus has densely spined stems with chalky-white and green undertones. It does well in partial sun.

#8 White Ghost (Haworthia ‘White Ghost’)

White Ghost grows a rosette of light green fleshy leaves with pointy tips, white stripes run vertically through the foliage.

#9 White Ice (Agave titanota ‘White Ice’)

White Ice displays white-grey spiny leaves. It is low-maintenance, easy-to-grow succulent. It prefers full sun and well-draining soil.

#10 White Sprite (Dudleya gnoma ‘White Sprite’)

The White Sprite puts on spectral-white leaves in a rosette form.

#11 White Ghost (Euphorbia lactea variegata ‘White Ghost’)

White Ghost has an unusual look that has pale-white triangular stems coated in short spines.

#12 Batesiana White (Gasteria ‘Batesiana White’)

The Batesiana White is a variegated succulent that bears long green leaves covered with a white layer.

#13 Arctic White (Sempervivum ‘Arctic White’)

Arctic White displays an excellent groundcover of a compact white cobweb and blooms pink flowers. Its blooming time is from May to July.

#14 Silver Dollar Plant (Crassula arborescens)

Silver Dollar Plant has thick green leaves with a thin layer of white covering.

#15 Woolly Senecio ( Senecio haworthii ‘Woolly Senecio’)

Woolly Senecio has similar look to other Senecios excluding the white covering on the leaves. It thrives in well-draining soil and plenty of sunlight.

#16 White One (Echeveria ‘White One’)

White One features a short-stemmed rosette of tightly packed leaves covered in a white layer.

#17 Super White (Haworthia attenuata ‘Super White’)

Super White showcases rosettes of conical leaves in the dark green shade with white horizontal stripes on the lower surface followed by white dots on the upper.

#18 Haworthia Variegata (Haworthia beteseana ‘Variegata’)

Haworthia Variegata is a clump-forming succulent with pronounced white variegation on green leaves.

#19 White Robin (Echeveria ‘White Robin’)

White Robin shows off thick fleshy leaves in an icy blue-green shade. The fine white powdery coating on the leaves gives the succulent a dreamy appearance.

#20 White Striped Agave (Agave americana ‘Mediopicta Alba’)

White Striped Agave produces long and fleshy dark green leaves with white-yellow stripes in the middle. Thick spines grow along the edge of the slightly upright foliage

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