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20 Upcycled DIY Plant Shelf Ideas

If you love growing plants, then you should know ways to display them properly! Here are the best 20 Upcycled DIY Plant Shelf Ideas that you can use to show them off in a limited space. They will add greenery and design any room in the home such as your bedroom, or even bathroom, or even your office. These ideas not only help you benefit from having more adding a touch of living color, texture, and shape to a room, plants but also have some health advantages.

They are creative and unique ideas that you will definitely want to copy to show off your favorite plants! From repurposed ladders or old wooden pallets to simple wood slice shelves, there are a number of clever editorial-worthy ways to add some edge to your home while showing off your favorite plants. All of them are carefully selected and curated to help you begin successfully and easily. Just with little imagination and elbow grease you will create unique plant shelves.

#1 Hanging Pallet Shelf Idea

#2 Macrame Shelf Hanger

#3 DIY Round Wood Shelf Plant Hanger

#4 Pipe Shelf Idea

#5 Hanging Wooden Plant Shelf

#6 DIY Plant Ladder Shelf

#7 DIY A-Shaped Plant Shelf

#8 DIY Plant Shelf Window

#9 Painted Cinder Block Shelf

#10 Ceiling LAdder Shelf

#11 Floating Wall Shelf

#12 DIY Corner Shelf

#13 Hanging Branch Shelf

#14 Hanging Wood Box Shelf

#15 Wood Crate Plant Shelf

#16 Old Chair Shelf

#17 Old Window Shelf

#18 Hanging Shelf Acrylic Plant Shelves

#19 Wood Shelf On Wall

#20 Honey Comb Shelves