20 Upcycling Wall Garden Ideas

Love looking at the growth of plants, vegetables, and flowers right in your garden but your space is limited. Don’t worry! The 20 Upcycling Wall Garden Ideas are great recommendations for you. Planting vertically on the wall offers a unique perspective while you also can take advantage of the most space. With a range of designs and arrangements, you can incorporate a variety of textures, materials, plant types, and shapes to create any kind of wall garden you want. And these ideas here will inspire you for sure.

Most plants that are grown vertically on walls have easy-to-grow properties such as succulents, leafy green vegetables, herbs, and other low-maintenance plants. So, they can grow really well in a variety of settings from indoor and outdoor environments. Even, they also adapt well to any DIY planters. From old tires, rain gutters, or wood pallets, all can be turned into your own green small gardens.

#1 Old Tire Wall Garden

#2 Rain Gutter Garden Idea

#3 PVC Pipe Wall Garden

#4 Garden Pocket Wall

#5 Wood Wall Garden

#6 Potted Plant Idea

#7 Upcycle Old Drawers Turning Them Into A Living Wall

#8 Pallet Wall Garden

#9 Plastic Bottle Wall Garden

#10 Easy Window Frame Garden

#11 DIY Paint Can Herb Garden

#12 DIY Vertical Herb Garden Trellis Wall

#13 Wooden Box Wall Garden

#14 Old Ladder Vertical Garden

#15 Empty Milk Jug Wall Garden

#16 Mason Jar Wall Garden

#17 An Indoor Shelf Garden

#18 Cinder Block Wall Garden

#19 PVC Pipe Succulent Wall Garden

#20 Metal Bucket Wall Garden

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