21 Beautiful Houseplants To Grow In East Facing Windows

If you have an East-facing window, you’re lucky because this is an ideal location for some houseplants that like morning sunlight or moderate light. Many desirable tropical plants evolved in the filtered sunshine of a forest canopy and make perfect east-facing window plants. Also, most houseplants prefer east-facing windows since the sun exposure through them is not extreme. So, you can get the best of the morning sunlight by growing some of 21 Beautiful Houseplants for your east-facing windows.

These plants prefer bright indirect morning sun and will thrive well when placed near an east-facing window. Some plants are okay with dim light, while others are happy with bright light to help you can grow many stunning and in-demand plants. You can keep them in pots, hanging baskets, window boxes, windowsills, and shelves, then place them on the east-facing window or door for growing strong and healthy.

#1 Umbrella Tree

If you grow this houseplant, you should keep it away from air vents and exterior doors to protect the plant safe from hot and cold air.

#2 Peace Lily

Peace Lily prefers a cool shady area for fine growth, an east-facing window is a perfect location.

#3 Aluminum Plant

When growing this plant, you should grow it on the east or north-facing window. It prefers dappled light.

#4 Boston Fern

Boston Fern has vibrant green fronds and favors near east or north-facing windows.

#5 Polka Dot Plant

If Polka Dot Plant gets too much light, it can be faded the bright spots on the leaves, or too much shade can make the plant lose its vitality. So, an east-facing window is an apt choice.

#6 Orchids

Orchids prefer bright, indirect sunlight. An east-facing window will do well for growing this beautiful plant indoors.

#7 Clivia

Clivia favors a spot that gets the direct morning sunlight but shade in the afternoon and an east-facing window is an apt location.

#8 Areca Palm

Although Areca Palm needs full-day bright indirect light and gentle morning sunlight, the plant also grows well in Western and Southern exposure.

#9 Jade Plant

An east-facing window with gentle direct sun in the morning is a perfect location for growing this plant as it prefers shade.

#10 Calathea

Calathea grows well in front of an east-facing window with curtains or blinds.

#11 Anthurium

Anthurium prefers a place where it gets indirect light and an east-facing window will be an ideal spot.

#12 Croton

Croton favors bright morning sun and day-long indirect light, so you should place it near an east-facing window.

#13 Japanese Aralia

Japanese Aralia grows well in bright indirect light so that makes it become an excellent east-facing window plant.

#14 Purple Shamrock

Purple Shamrock prefers filtered bright to medium light and it does well in the morning light, so an east-facing window will help it work best.

#15 Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant prefers partial shade or dappled light, so the north or east-facing window is an ideal spot.

#16 Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron prefers bright indirect light so an east-facing window is a perfect area for growing it.

#17 Hoya

Hoya does well in a bright, airy location away from any exposure to direct sunlight so an east-facing window is the best location.

#18 Watermelon Peperomia

Watermelon Peperomia grows well in bright, indirect sunlight, so placing it near an east-facing window will help saves its leaves from burning and heat stress.

#19 Nerve Plant

Nerve Plant performs bright indirect light, the east or north-facing window is a suitable place to grow it.

#20 Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant thrives in warm temperatures with bright, indirect light. An east-facing window will give some mild morning sun for its growth best.

#21 English Ivy

English Ivy prefers medium bright locations, so an eastern exposure is an ideal location for growing the plant.

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