21 Beautiful Zebra Plant Varieties To Grow In The Home And Garden

In the world of succulents, Zebra Plants have a stylish and unique appearance like its name. They both are perfect for modern decor and easy to grow, so many house owners love brings indoors. And in the article today, we’ve summed up 21 Beautiful Zebra Plant Varieties you can grow. If you are a succulent plant lover, they surely promise to make you amazed by their impressive beauty. It’s time to explore their beauty.

Regardless of the type that you choose to grow, these succulents are perfectly adapted to live in all conditions indoors or outdoors. They not only grow easily in any condition but also bring a calm appeal with a touch of class. In a sea of green plants, surely they can add just the right touch of brightness to your home and garden. Growing them means you are creating your life more exciting with the natural world around you. So, don’t hesitate, let grow some for your house right away.

#1 Haworthia Enon (Hawothiopsis attenuata ‘Enon’)

The Haworthia Enon is a dwarf succulent that shows off rosettes of short, fat, firm green leaves that change to yellow-red-tone in stress, with raised white spots


#2 Alba (Haworthia fasciata ‘Alba’)

Alba has zebra-like wide white-green streaks on the outside of the green fleshy leaves.

#3 Big Band (Haworthia fasciata ‘Big band’)

Big Band is a beautiful clump-forming evergreen perennial that displays attractive broad white stripes or bands over fleshy dark green leaves.

#4 Donut (Tulista pumila ‘Donuts’)

Donut offers rosettes of green leaves covered with donut-shaped tubercles. Its foliage is fleshy, tough, upright, often pointed, and incurved.

#5 Royal Albert (Haworthia fasciata ‘Royal Albert’)

Royal Albert forms a cluster of dark black-green pointed foliage with raised white tubercles on the leaf surface.

#6 Hankey Dwarf Aloe (Haworthiopsis attenuata var. radula)

Hankey Dwarf Aloe shows off a rosette of green to brown leaves that are covered with white bumps on both sides.

#7 Crosby’s Prolific (Aloe ‘Crosby’s prolific’)

Crosby’s Prolific showcases a rosette of deep green foliage with raise white spots and serrated edges. It turns orange-red if placed in full sun.

#8 Emperor (Tulista pumila ‘Emperor’)

Emperor produces long, pointed, fleshy grey-green leaves covered with uneven pure white raised spots.

#9 Super White Zebra (Haworthia fasciata ‘Super White Zebra’)

Super White Zebra shows off white bumps stripes on the outer side of plumped green leaves. The lines are very pronounced and give it a zebra skin-like appearance.

#10 Tears of Angels (Tulista pumila ‘Tenshi no Namida’)

Tears of Angels display small rosettes of green leaves designed in white irregular bumps. Its leaves are upright, tough, often pointed, and incurved.

#11 Haworthia Glabrata (Haworthia attenuata v. glabrata)

Haworthia Glabrata features rosettes of light to dark or brown-green, fleshy narrow leaves, covered with bands of the same color as the foliage.

#12 Tiger Aloe (Tiger Aloe)

Tiger Aloe showcases small fat foliage with white streaks on green leaves.

#13 Coarctata (Haworthia coarctata)

Coarctata forms large clumps of long stems covered with robust succulent dark green leaves having white ribbing.

#14 Zebra Plant (Aphelandra squarrosa)

The foliage of the Zebra Plant has a bold pattern of white-colored veins that look fantastic on the dark green leaves.

#15 Somalian Aloe (Aloe somaliensis)

Somalian Aloe has green and white patterned fleshy green foliage with toothed edges.

#16 Haworthia Radula Variegated (Haworthiopsis attenuata var. radula f. variegata)

Haworthia Radula Variegated shows off rosettes of fleshy variegated dark green leaves, mottled with uneven patterns of creamy-white, yellow, or pink variegation with white bumps on both sides.

#17 Lace Aloe (Aloe aristata)

The Lace Aloe variety has raised white bumps on fleshy green leaves with spiny tips.

#18 Fairy Washboard (Haworthia limifolia f. variegata)

Fairy Washboard forms a rosette with variegated leaves, triangular to ovate, in green and cream hues.

#19 Tulista Breuer (Tulista opalina (M.Hayashi) Breuer)

The Tulista Breuer showcases rosettes of fleshy, hard, light green leaves coated with shiny transparent tubercles.

#20 Haworthia limifolia var. striata (Haworthia limifolia var. striata Pilbeam)

This Zebra plant variety has deep ribs and grooves that are highlighted with white shade.

#21 Haworthia conspicua (Haworthia reinwardtii var conspicua)

The Haworthia conspicua forms many upright columnar leaf-clad stems from an offset base. Its dark green leaves have raised white tubercles. It turns a red-brown hue in full sun.

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