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21 Plants That Are Happy To Live On Top Of Your Refrigerator

Which plants grow best on top of a refrigerator may be important to know if you have a small yard or want to plant something on every available surface in your house. In this difficult-to-decorate space, indoor plants may offer both oxygen and a view of the outside.

Actually, there are a variety of plants that don’t need sunlight but prefer a little warmer atmosphere. But if you choose the incorrect plant, the result will be a wilted, dying mess. This post looks at some of our favorite plants for your fridge.

Let’s dig into our recommendations!

#1. Areca Palm

This plant may be recognized by its many, thick leaves and thin fronds. They grow gradually yet steadily. Watering this plant often and ensuring good drainage is essential to its success. Keep an eye on this plant and water it cautiously if the soil seems dry.

#2. Aloe Vera

Popular succulent Aloe Vera is renowned for its hefty, tapering leaves and its gel’s curative qualities. This plant may develop to maturity in less than five years due to its rapid growth.

#3. Arrowhead Plant

The Arrowhead Plant thrives in a variety of settings, including on top of a refrigerator. Not only can it withstand neglect, but it occasionally even benefits from it. It can trail nicely anywhere you desire because of its vine-like form.

#4. Baby Rubber Plant

This plant’s gorgeous gold and green foliage would look lovely in any fridge-top garden. Baby rubber plants can withstand dry circumstances. Therefore, it is likely that they won’t mind if you simply water them once a week.

#5. Bird’s Nest Fern

The top of the refrigerator could be a terrific place for ferns even though they might be a little finicky about their surroundings. This is because they prefer heat and thrive with little contact with people and other animals.

#6. Bromeliad

Bromeliads come in a variety of shapes and hues, so you may choose one that exactly suits your requirements. If you want to add some color to the top of your refrigerator, go for a bromeliad. They can be any color, including purple, green, blue, and red.

#7. Calathea

Numerous plants of the Calathea genus come in a variety of hues and patterns. The majority of cultivars feature green-striped leaves. Under ideal circumstances, these quickly expanding plants may grow one to two feet in just a year.

#8. Cast Iron

When it comes to toughness, The Cast Iron Plant stands up to its name. It performs effectively throughout a wide temperature range. Additionally, it tolerates low light levels and requires little water.

#9. Chinese Evergreen

This genus has several lovely variants that would look great on your refrigerator. Although this plant has a few requirements for its growth environment, if those requirements are satisfied, it is extremely simple to care for.

#10. Chinese Money

The thick circular leaves of this unusually formed house plant, which emerges from a primary stem through smaller stems, serve as a telltale sign of its presence. People who like Scandinavian design are particularly fond of this plant. Due to its quick and simple replication, this plant is now easier to locate in the United States than it was previously.

#11. Devil’s Ivy

This plant, sometimes known as a pothos, does great growing down the side of your refrigerator. Whether it receives a lot of light or spends most of its time in the shadow, this plant may thrive on your refrigerator. Devil’s Ivy thrives in practically all growing environments.

#12. Dumb Cane

Because of its lovely broad oval leaves, pick this plant. Although this plant grows quickly, it probably won’t go much taller than 3 to 5 feet inside. Previously, it was believed that many of the plants in this genus belonged to different genera.

#13. Dragon Tree

If you want a big plant on the top of your refrigerator, choose this one. Although this plant may get rather big, it takes a long because it grows so slowly. As long as it receives some sunlight and moisture, the Dragon Tree can survive without much assistance.

#14. Heartleaf Philodendron

The philodendron, prized for its heart-shaped leaves, adds a distinctive touch to any environment. The top of your refrigerator should receive enough of indirect sunlight for this plant to thrive. Beyond this need, the majority of philodendron varieties, including the heartleaf, are rather simple to maintain.

#15. Maranta

The Calathea genus and the Maranta genus share a tight relationship. This genus is hence extremely sensitive to water salts. For these plants, it is therefore advisable to use filtered or distilled water. Maranta like warm, humid weather with well-drained soil.

#16. Nerve Plant

There are several types of this plant, each with contrastingly colored, conspicuous veins. These hues might include pink, white, red, and green. Because Nerve Plant grows so slowly, it might thrive when combined with other plants. It frequently has a tendency to follow the soil. This plant could be ideal for you if your refrigerator does not receive much sunlight.

#17. Peace Lily

A blooming indoor plant with white blossoms is called a peace lily. If this plant receives lots of indirect light, it will thrive on the top of a refrigerator. The leaves can be burned by too much light. Other than cold, it can survive a variety of circumstances.

#18. Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is the best choice if you want a plant that you can place on top of your refrigerator without having to water it excessively. If your refrigerator is a little warm, it will still work. In general, this plant requires relatively little upkeep.

#19. Spider Plant

With this aesthetically appealing plant, spice up your kitchen. Cream and green stripes are seen on the long, thin leaves. Due to their extreme hardiness, spider plants may thrive in practically any environment.

#20. String of Hearts

This plant has gorgeous, thick, heart-shaped leaves that drape down the side of your refrigerator. It has delicate stalks. It is often referred to as an easy-to-care-for plant. If you plant your String of Hearts in the proper spot, it should flourish.

#21. Swiss Cheese Plant