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23 Clever Ideas To Display Your Houseplants

Plants are great companions in human life. They do so much for us without requiring any request. When we are around them, we will be breathing fresh, clean, and cool air. Also, they also add beauty and lushness to the indoor spaces. There’s nothing like lush greenery to brighten up living space, plus the positive impact plants have on our health and wellbeing is well documented. That is the reason why houseplants are trending like never before and are a great way to bring the outdoors in.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite houseplants, it’s time to you should treat them like the decor heroes they’re meant to be. And here are 23 Clever Ideas To Display Your Houseplants. Whether you’re looking to liven up the living room or bring calm to the bedroom, there is a houseplant for every space and situation. Let’s get started!

#1 Climb On Trellis

#2 A Wall Water Garden

#3 Hanging Glass Vase

#4 Grow In PVC Pipes

#5 Hanging Ball Planters

#6 Macrame Succulent Hangers

#7 Clay Pot Display

#8 Wall Ladder Planter

#9 Macrame Plant Hangers

#10 Grow Orchid On Glass Cup

#11 Macrame Plant Garden

#12 Light Up Your Corner With Plants and String Lights

#13 Hanging Plant Baskets

#14 A Green Window Garden

#15 A Wall Art for Living Room

#16 Decorate Stair With Plants

#17 Display Plants On Open Shelf

#18 A Lovely Indoor Garden

#19 A Unqiue Upcycled Garden

#20 A Blooming Table

#21 Plant Shelf With String Lights

#22 A-Shaped Houseplant Display

#23 A Green Wall Garden