23 Easy and Cheap Wine Bottle Ideas For Your Garden

If you have some unused and empty wine bottles laying on the kitchen shelf, don’t toss them out! Maybe you don’t know that they are so incredibly versatile and can be used for all sorts of garden decorative purposes. And our ideas surely become useful things in your garden projects beyond your imagination. From a wind chime, a garden pathway to a planter, and so much more, there are a lot of great ideas waiting for you ahead.

Instead of putting them in the trash, you can give them new missions. They look great in all! Making your garden more beautiful and impressive is their mission, and we believe that they not only become useful but also will be artworks to brighten up all your outdoor space. Save them and make some for the next weekend. These simple ideas will inspire you to create stylish and colorful design features in the garden using wine bottles.

#1 Glass Bottle Wind Chimes

#2 Bottle Tree

#3 Bottle Light

#4 Bottle Garden Edging

#5 DIY Garden Art

#6 DIY Bottle Bird Feeder

#7 DIY Self Watering Idea

#8 DIY Bottle Plant Pot

#9 Inverted Wine Bottle Planter

#11 Glass Bottle Wall

#13 Bottle Waterfall

#14 Garden Fences Made From Old Doors And Wine Bottle

#15 Colorful Bottle Tree

Source: Felderrushing

#16 Wine Bottle Trellis

#17 Bottle Gate

#18 Wine Bottle Garden Wall

#19 Wine Bottle Retaining Wall

#20 Wine Bottle Garden Path

#21 Wine Bottle Border With Wine Cork Mulch

#22 Another Garden Edging Idea

#23 Blue Bottles And Copper Pipe Instead Of An Arbor For The Entrance To A Garden

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