27 Easy-to-make Planter Ideas

Love growing flowers/plants but buying plant pots and containers can be so expensive. Don’t worry if your budget is limited as there are lots of ways to make cheap plants from scratch, often using materials you already have or can find for free. Check out the 27 Easy-to-make Planter Ideas today to inspire you to create awesome planters. They are perfect ways to help you create your own container garden of potted plants and flowers to add life and color to your space, whether indoors or outdoors.

27 Easy-to-make Planter Ideas

Taking them a look, you will see that they all are quick, gorgeous, and fun, right? Old tires, unused guitars, recycled colander, and rusty watering cans are all inexpensive items you can use to craft your own special planters. Several of these project ideas are quick and simple, to help you pretty up your outdoor space in the span of a single afternoon. After your container garden is complete, they surely will liven up your boring yard.

#1 Old Tire Planter

#2 Guitar Planter

#3 Easy DIY Planter Ideas with Vintage Colander

#4 Boat Planter

#5 Chandelier Planter

#6 BBQ Grill Islands Planter

#7 Repurposed Clawfoot Tub

#8 Rusty Watering Can Planter

#9 Chicken Feeder Plant Container

#10 Mailbox Planter

#11 Old Tree Stumps Planters

#12 Succulent Teacup Planter

#13 Funnel Planter

#14 Old Jean Planter

#15 Tin Can Planter

#16 Hat Planters

#17 Old Book Planter

#18 Rubber Boot Planters

#19 DIY Coke Can Succulent Planters

#20 Wine Barrel Planters

#21 Croc Planters

#22 Birdcage Planter

#23 Plastic Bottle Planters

#24 Hanging Bucket Planter


#26 Mason Jar Herb Planter

#27 Umbrella Planter

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