28 DIY Patio Garden Landscaping Ideas

If you’re looking for patio garden updates, our designs are key to creating a scheme you’ll love for years to come. No matter what size your patio is, these ideas transform your patio so you can really enjoy it as well as boost your property value. We’ve put together this list of 28 DIY Patio Garden Landscaping Ideas to beautify your patio.

No need to spend a lot of money to make a significant impact on your home’s outdoor aesthetic, going DIY is the way to go. And with these ideas, you can make them easily. Just small, inexpensive changes can boost curb appeal, and a few smart landscaping choices. Regardless of your outdoor style, your patio ends up looking more colorful, casual, and fun. Let’s explore these ideas to transform a backyard into your favorite space.

#1 Recycled Garden Planter

#2 Hanging Plastic Bottle Flower Garden

#3 A Rock Garden With Succulent Pots

#4 A Corner Flower Garden

#5 An Old Roof Tile Raised Garden Bed

#6 Spilled Landscaping Around The Tree

#7 A Rock Garden With Tough Flowers

#8 A Small Water Feature

#9 A Recycled Flower Pot

#10 Wall Herb Garden

#11 Blooming!

#12 Spilled Flower Pot

#13 Hanging PVC Pipe Garden

#14 Colorful Vertical Garden

#15 A New Fire Pit Version

#16 Hanging Flower Basket

#17 DIY Cinder Block Bench

#18 DIY Monogram Cedar Planter Box

#19 Tiered Herb Garden Planter

#20 DIY Planter Box with Trellis

#21 A Pallet Garden With Light

#22 An Herb Tower

#23 DIY Vertical Garden

#24 A Raised Planter Box

#25 A Small Raised Garden Bed

#26 An Upcycled Strawberry Garden From Wine Barrel

#27 Add A Water Feature

#28 Make a Raised-Bed Planter With a Built-in Bench