30 DIY Wind Chime Ideas That Blow Music Into Your House

When looking around the garden, I usually feel enough to see, but a sense of melody has never crossed me once. Do you feel that your garden lacks music – one of the most impeccable factors adding charm and beauty to your garden? If you recognize this anytime, a wind chime is the best solution you can call to mind.

For a charming wind chime, you will have plenty of time and available materials to create one by yourself! It’s easy to do and won’t take much time, energy, and even money. These handmade and recycled designs will add melody to any outdoor space, whether you’re looking to add some charm or brighten up a place.

Simply choose a few of your favorites and hang them on a branch or the side of your house.

#1. Seashells

#2. Watering Can

#3. Driftwood Pieces, Why Not?

#4. Stones And Wooden Pieces

#5. Grab Your Stones

#6. Keep Your Old Keys

#7. Isn’t It Cute

#8. Metal Fits Acrylic Gems

#9. Boho Chic Style

#10. Stained Glass Dragonfly Wind Chime

#11. Rustic DIY Flatware Wind Chime

#12. Stained Wine Glass Wind Chime

#13. Game Piece Wind Chime

#14. Shabby Chic DIY Wind Chime

#15. Vintage Teacup Wind Chime

#16. Repurposed Flower Pot Wind Chime

#17. Upcycled Tin Can Wind Chime

#18. DIY Bamboo Wind Chime

#19. DIY Ceramic Tea Pot Wind Chime

#20. Mason Jar Wind Chime

#21. Bottle Wind Chime

#22. Paint Your Old Pot And Bring Out The Keys

#23. Using Jelly Moulds

#24. Pieces Of The Sea

#25. Upcycled Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

#26. Easy DIY Coiled Copper Wind Chime

#27. Repurposed Ice Cream Spoon Chime

#28. Luxurious Colander Pendant WInd Chime

#29. Silverware Wind Chime

#30. Cheese Grater Wind Chime

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