8 Beautiful Big Houseplants For The Corners of Your Home

If you want to fill up the boring space of the corner home, there are a few houseplants to decorate, bring color and nature indoors as well as offer other benefits too. From relieving your stress, cleaning the air in your home to increasing your productivity, and even bringing you better sleep. No matter what you are waiting for, we’ve rounded up the best-oversized plants to fill for every corner of your house.

8 Beautiful Big Houseplants For The Corners of Your Home

And here is the list of 8 Beautiful Big Houseplants For The Corners of Your Home you will love adding them to your living space. These plants are a great way to maximize space in any corner. Your space is large or limited to just a few feet, all corners have so much potential to make it more delightful and practical! By growing them, you will create a green corner in life and have a chance to help you closer to nature. Just placing a tree pot or a hanging basket in any of your rooms can turn reinforced concrete spaces into soft and elegant places.

#1 Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant shows off broad, glossy, dark green leaves. It is one of the best houseplants for beginners as it doesn’t need daily watering. This plant grows well in light but if you expose it to too much direct sunlight, it does not do well.

#2 Monstera Plant

Monstera Plant grows up to 3-feet tall and 2-to-3-feet wide and produces large leaves with hollow shapes permeating the interior. It requires Indirect light and watering once a week or two when the soil at the top of the pot is dry.

#3 Snake Plant

Snake Plant is a beautiful, low-maintenance, and adaptable plant. The plant forms the long, narrow shape of its yellow-bordered leaves. It can reach up to 12-feet tall when grown in a large pot. Just water it every week or two, or until the top layer of soil is dry. It grows happily in indirect light.

#4 Croton

Croton offers scarlet, yellow, and orange-colored veins that run from their wide green leaves. This plant can achieve 10 feet high when grown in the right environment.

#5 Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm can reach up to 6-feet tall inside with narrow leaves and branches that extend up to 3-feet wide. Growing it indoors will bring a tropical paradise to your home. It just needs to water once every week or two or until the soil appears dry.

#6 Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise showcases spectacular orange flowers that resemble birds, hence the name. It can achieve 6 feet tall when grown indoors. This plant prefers a great deal of light and loves to be placed near a window where it can bathe in direct sunlight. Give it water once every week or two.

#7 Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig needs a moderate amount of watering and plenty of light to grow, however, too much heat and exposure to direct sunlight will burn their leaves.

#8 Olive Tree

Dwarf Olive Trees can grow up to 6 feet tall and need exposure to direct sunlight to survive indoors. And you just watering once a month that is usually sufficient.

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