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A basic garlic trick: you only need water and a plastic bottle

The garlic’s germination can be accelerated and simplified, if you use this elementary and simple technique. Within a week, the roots are ready for planting.

Follow the instructions:

Cut a plastic bottle in half.

Cut out a small piece of plastic near the neck, flip it over, and insert it into the bottle. Excess length can also be trimmed.

Now the garlic stands up easily and does not fall into the bottle. Cut off the garlic a little, at the top and put it into a bottle filled with water. Leave it in a warm, sunny place. You don’t need to do anything else!

Within a week, you shoul have something like this – the roots will sprout. It remains only to carefully disconnect the cloves (this is very easy, they move away by themselves) and plant each in the ground.

Minimum hassle – maximum result.

If you need more information, watch the video:

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