Best 25 Houseplants You Can Propagate In Water Vases

You can grow these plants in a beautiful water vase with no soil or fertilizer needed! These houseplants can adapt to living in the water without soil, so it is easy for indoor gardeners to take care of them. Not just that, if you are a plant lover and you want to adopt the botanical design in your house, these propagation vases would be a brilliant idea.

Plants grown in water vases blend harmoniously with bathroom and kitchen decor. Besides, you can find countless propagation vases in all shapes, sizes, and styles. That’s why you may end up wanting to leave your cutting in the water vase instead of planting it into the soil!

They are wonderfully decorative and can live this way for their entire natural lifespan. We are sure that you want to collect several types of water plants after discovering this list below!

#1. Philodendron


#2. Lucky Bamboo

Source: the spruce

#3. Pothos

Source: gardeningknowhow

#4. Chinese Evergreen & Dumbcane

Source: morning lazziness

#5. Spider Plant

Source: morning lazziness

#6. Arrowhead Plant

Source: Olle Eriksson

#7. Monstera

Source: bedbathandbeyond

#8. Coleus

Source: balconygarden

#9. Rosemary


#10. Wandering JewSource:

Source: balconygarden

#11. Peperomia

Source: plnts

#12.Peace Lily


#13.Fiddle Leaf Fig

Source: Perth Plant Studio

#14.African Violet

Source: bhg



Source: the spruce


Source: gardenerspath

#18.English Ivy

Source: pilea


Source: pilea


Source: pilea


Source: michaels

#22.Calla Lily

Source: bedbathandbeyond

#23.Pancake Plant (Chinese Money Plant)

Source: thehealthyhouseplant

#24.Paperwhite narcissus

Source: midwestliving

#25.Hoya Carnosa

Source: MyTastefulSpace