DIY Hanging Tin Can Ideas for Yard and Home

No matter how you have one or a lot of old tin cans in the recycling bin, stop and think of the list of our DIY projects that can be done easily with your little effort. They can be beautiful decorative purposes, fun crafts, and practical things. For instance, hanging flower planters make a great focal point in the garden or hanging on the wall to create home decor art, all ideas will bring a lot of color to my indoors and outdoors.

DIY Hanging Tin Can Ideas for Yard and Home

These ideas are really fun and easy to help you add a quirky appeal to your living space without spending anything. Also, you don’t need to have a skillful hand, or fussy materials, just a little creativity is enough to decorate your living space and boring garden more vivid and more lively. We’ve gathered 15 of the best-upcycled tin can crafts to be wowed in your space. After reading the post, you will want to save all the cans and transform them into your own versions.

#1 Bright And Whimsical Upcycled Tin Can Wind Chime

#2 Hanging Flower Pots

#3 DIY Tin Lantern Wall Decoration

#4 DIY Wall Terrarium Form Tuna Cans

#5 Outdoor Tin Can Lanterns

#6 DIY Paint Can Herb Garden

#7 Hanging Bird Feeder

#8 DIY Bee Hotel

#9 Red Wreath Made From Recycled Cans

#10 DIY Bird House

#11 Colorful Upcycled Tin Can Wind Sock Decoration

#12 DIY Hanging Bee Craft Garden Decoration

#13 Tin Can Hanging Planters

#14 Outdoor Hanging Flower Vases

#15 DIY DIY Backyard Game For Kids

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