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Lemons, fertilize them like this: you will have an abundant and lush fruit tree until autumn | Better than from the nursery

Enhance Your Lemon Tree’s Growth: Fertilization Tips for Juicy Lemons Until Autumn!

Lemons, when nurtured properly, can yield abundant and lush fruits, surpassing even those from the nursery. If you’re venturing into lemon tree cultivation, understanding the right fertilizer is crucial for optimal growth.

Fertilizing Your Lemon Tree:

Timing: The prime time for fertilization spans spring to summer, from April to September. During these warmer months, prioritize fertilizers rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium, crucial for robust growth. An annual routine of fertilization ensures a thriving lemon tree.

Winter Care: In colder months, adopt a cautious approach to fertilization, focusing on small doses of phosphorus, potassium, and ammonium nitrate. Shield your lemon tree from frost if temperatures dip below -5ºC.

Cost-effective Solutions: While quality commercial fertilizers exist, you can achieve equally impressive results with household items. Homemade organic fertilizers, comprising plant scraps, ruminant manure, or mulch, offer a budget-friendly alternative. Additionally, consider incorporating coffee grounds or earthworm humus for added richness.

Specialized Nutrients: Address specific nutrient deficiencies with targeted solutions. For instance, burying a zinc-rich aluminum can or utilizing iron chelates can bolster your lemon tree’s health.

Additional Tips:

  1. Begin fertilization in spring and continue until autumn for sustained growth.
  2. Refrain from fertilizing newly planted trees until after their second flowering, ensuring they’re rooted in quality soil.
  3. Prioritize well-drained soil to prevent waterlogging, a condition unfavorable for lemon trees.

With these insights, you’ll equip yourself to foster a thriving lemon tree, yielding an abundance of delicious fruits throughout the seasons.